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Wellness Clinic

At Vascular Access Plus, we offer a wide variety of IV Infusions that can provide for basic & specific individual needs. Our IV hydration infusions are to support your health & wellness.

Are you not sure exactly where to start? Let’s start with a PUR Scan that’ll get us a report of what your body needs.

PUR Scan –

The Menla Scan

Our PUR Scan,is a non-invasive functional state assessment of the body that provides a quick overview of the patient’s body. This includes information on  body composition, microcirculation, cardiac function and hemodynamics, vertebral segmental imbalances, stress, and fatigue levels, wellness score, plus much more. Reports are emailed on the above-measured parameters, dietary recommendations, micro nutrition, fitness and spa procedures, and specific risk factors that can often be reversed before becoming a problem.

Red Light Therapy

PUR Light therapy has been clinically-proven to enhance skin health, wound healing, muscle recovery, athletic performance, mental clarity, relaxation and sleep while reducing joint and body pain. 

At VAP, we use Trifecta Light brand for our red light therapy system. This allows us to do full-body treatment sessions. It features a high-intensity LED system that is able to produce a beam with optimum refraction and strength, resulting in a much higher rate of absorption, that is up to 70%, during a Trifecta Light therapy session.

IV Hydrations & Nutrient Infusions

Let’s hook you up to one of the many IV infusions. Take a look and find which best suits your needs. Add-ons are available as well. 

*Discounts are available for all healthcare workers, first responders, and the military.

**Presentation of Badge Required. Email, Text, or Use the Chat box (lower right-hand corner) to receive a discount code.

Ultimate Infusion-$140

Are you not sure where to start?  First timer with IV Hydration and Nutrition?  Then the Ultimate Infusion is for you! It helps contribute to a healthy heart, regulate blood pressure, loosen muscles, and build strong bones.

Beauty Infusion-$180

This infusion does so much more than the normal beauty maintenance. You know, the acne control, brighter skin, reduce wrinkles, and improve collagen production.  It helps boost metabolism, gives you energy and leaves you with some extra GLOW!  

Energy Infusion-$140

Feeling fatigue, worn out?  Wanting all the energy you can get?  Try this infusion that will give you the “get up & go” boost!  Your cells will feel refreshed as the glutathione, the “fountain of youth,” helps your body make more ATP (Energy) and filter out toxins. 

Hangover Infusion-$150

Get this infusion before you drink alcohol to skip that hangover and be energized!  Pepcid and Zofran will help combat that indigestion and vomiting.  Replace those B-Vitamins from the frequent bathroom trips you will make at the bar.

High Dose Vitamin C Infusion-$160

Can’t get over a long-time cold?  Let us give you a boost of vitamin C to help fight your sickness and to get your immune system working! You’ll be feeling better in no time!

Immunity Infusion-$140

Are you going on a trip?  About to be in a crowded place? This immune infusion supports those who are immunocompromised as well as prevents you from getting sick while around a lot of people.  Get that additional immune support before holiday gatherings to be at your best!

NAD+ Infusion-$250

NAD+ is a coenzyme that battles aging and chronic conditions in the body.  It is known to help battle addiction and help clear brain fog.  An added bonus is it assist with high stress and anxiety.  This is the only way to absorb 100% of the molecule and get the best benefits. **Must call, email, or text in advance to schedule this infusion.

Pain Infusion-$160

Migraine? Pulled Muscle? Recent Surgery? This infusion provides PAIN RELIEF! It works well with ANY pain and works within 10 minutes!  That’s quick pain relief!  Chronic pain? Dysmenorrhea?  You can get your pain infusion while you are being treated with our other holistic pain treatments.

Pregnancy Infusion-$130

Feeling dehydrated during your pregnancy?  Avoid the Emergency Room and schedule your pregnancy infusion today! The injection will provide hydration and help with nausea and vomiting.


Weight Loss Infusion-$180

Increase your metabolism and MORE! Antioxidants help detox your body, create more ATP (Energy), and boost your metabolic rate. Taurine helps build muscle keeping that metabolism HIGH!  **Don’t forget to add on a weight loss consult!

Available Supplementary

Add Ons



  • Normal Saline 1L – $45

  • Zofran 4mg – $25

  • Decadron 5mg – $25

  • Decadron 10mg – $50

  • Pepcid 20mg – $25

  • Toradol 30mg – $25

  • Vit B12 5mg – $25

  • Glutathione 200mg – $25

  • Glutathione 400mg – $50

  • Glutathione 600mg – $75

  • Biotin 5mg – $25

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid 50mg – $25


Corporate Wellness Packages are available! We customize our wellness package to accommodate the needs of your employees. This gives your staff a way to manage stress, control their aches and pains, boost their immune system, and give them more energy! Let us help you keep your employees at work!

Email us today at or give us a call to set something up at 855-742-2827 and choose Option 3.

Throwing A Party?

Do you want to schedule a private event at our office or your home? Are you planning a bachelorette party? Need extra energy for a wedding? Have family and friends that need a little immune boost due to illness? Are you just trying to prevent a hangover before a night out?


Let’s set up a party today! Schedule FOUR Infusions, and we will waive the travel fee! Schedule FIVE Infusions and the host gets 50% OFF!