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Pur light therapy

Fat loss Ι Skin Tightening Ι Reduces Anxiety Ι Improves Insomnia Ι Detoxification Ι Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles Ι Heals at the Cellular Level

PUR Lights drains fat out of Fat Cells and slims the body by causing the cell membrane to become temporarily permeable…and the fat leaks out of the fat cells…and you get immediate inch loss. After the 20-minute light treatment, the client will stand on the vibration plate for 10 minutes, which is proven to boost the Lymphatic System. Near-infrared Light will tighten the skin by enhancing the formation of elastin and collagen. Fine lines around the eyes will be reduced under the chin, neck, and upper chest. Both lights heal and stimulate the mitochondria in the cell and heal the tissue.


– Lifts Mood
– Skin Rejuvenation
– Fat loss
– Wound Healing
– Muscle Recovery
– Inflamation Reduction
– Improves Scars
– Skin Damage Repair