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Pur Life Medical

The Menla scan

Monitors treatment I Body Composition I Dietary Recommendations I Wellness Score I Vertebral Score I Smarter workouts and comprehensive monitoring I Nutritional and Supplemental Guidance

PUR Scan is a non-invasive functional state assessment of the body which provides an immediate overview of the patient’s body composition, microcirculation, cardiac function and hemodynamics, vertebral segmental imbalances, stress and fatigue levels, wellness score, plus much more and with emailed reports on the above measured parameters, dietary recommendations, micro nutrition, fitness and spa procedures, and specific risk factors that can often be reversed before becoming a problem. Quick 2-3 minute scan.


➢Gives Personalized Insight

➢Body Composition

➢Microcirculation Score

➢Vertebral Score

➢Cardiovascular Score

➢Autonomic Nervous System

➢Wellness Score

➢Only takes about 2 minutes