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Pur Microcurrent

Chronic Pain Support Ι Wellness Ι Detoxification Ι Pain from Sports Acute or Chronic Injury Ι Insomnia Ι Beauty Ι Neuropathy Ι Reduce Anxiety and Stress Ι Everyday Aches and Pains Ι Reduce pre- and post-op swelling

Non-Invasive, Non-chemical, Individualized Neural Response Technology. The Electro-Equiscope® technology is a micro-current electrotherapeutic technology proven to rapidly eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in every body area. It is the new standard in electro-neural and myo stimulation. It’s a safe, tested, and FDA-registered Class II medical device. It has been used by thousands of patients and is an affordable therapy option with outstanding capabilities and performance.


Optimized performance
– Accelerated Recovery

– Improved Circulation
– Detoxification
– Increased Flexibility
– Reduces Stress and Anxiety
– Increased Organic Energy
– Anti-Aging