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Fat loss I Skin Tightening I Reduces Anxiety I Improves Insomnia I Detoxification I Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles I Heal at the Cellular Level

PUR Lights drains fat out of Fat Cells and slims the body by causing the cell membrane to become temporarily permeable…and the fat leaks out of the fat cells…and you get immediate inch loss. After the 20-minute light treatment, the client will stand on the vibration plate for 10 minutes, which is proven to boost the Lymphatic System. Near-infrared Light will tighten the skin by enhancing the formation of elastin and collagen in the skin. Fine lines around the eyes will be reduced, and under the chin, neck and upper chest. Both lights are very healing and will stimulate the mitochondria in the cell and heal the tissue.

Pair the PUR LIGHT with VAP IV Infusions for maximum Wellness benefits! Call 855-742-2827 Option 3 and we can customize a package to meet your wellness needs!

  1. Find out more information by clickihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mz-puOmqpKo&t=27s


Pain Relief I Accelerated Recovery I Minimize re-injury I Quick Treatments I Improves blood circulation I No Anesthesia I Immediate Relief from Joint Pain

PUR Sound is a non-invasive pain management technique that utilities advance Acoustic Wave Technology. Works by sending high-peak acoustic pressure waves into injured or inflamed tissue, triggering the body’s natural healing response and processes.

Acoustic Wave Therapy will help repair, restore, and rejuvenate muscle tissue, especially where conventional treatments were unsuccessful.

Pair the PUR SOUND with VAP IV Infusions and PUR MICROCURRENT for maximum Pain Management! Call 855-742-2827 Option 3 and we can customize a package to meet your wellness needs!


Monitors treatment I Body Composition I Dietary Recommendations I Wellness Score I Vertebral Score l Smarter workouts and comprehensive monitoring l Nutritional and Supplemental Guidance

!!PUR Scan is a non-invasive functional state assessment of the body which provides an immediate overview of the patient’s body composition, microcirculation, cardiac function and hemodynamics, vertebral segmental imbalances, stress and fatigue levels, wellness score, plus much more and with emailed reports on the above measured parameters, dietary recommendations, micro nutrition, fitness and spa procedures, and specific risk factors that can often be reversed before becoming a problem. Quick 2-3 minute scan.

*Detailed report provided for collaboration with your entire wellness team!

PUR SCAN is done with every consultation! We also use this to monitor your process and treatment plan. Call 855-742-2827 Option 3 and we can customize a package to meet your wellness needs!


Chronic Pain Support I Wellness l Detoxification I Pain from Sports Acute or Chronic Injury I Insomina I Beauty l Neuropathy l Reduce Anxiety and Stress l Everyday Aches and Pains l Reduce pre and post op swelling

PUR Microcurrent comfortably delivers a highly advanced and targeted form of micro-current to affected areas of the body using small plates or probes placed on the skins surface. It helps support the body at a cellular and neurological level, delivering results for pain relief, accelerated recovery, improved circulation, optimized performance, detoxification, and more. 

Pair the PUR MICROCURRENT with VAP IV Infusions for maximum benefits! Call 855-742-2827 Option 3 and we can customize a package to meet your wellness needs!

Find out more information by watching these videos of athletes and others who have benefited from the Equiscope!


Lose Fat the Healthy Way I Take Control of your Body I Weight Loss I 60 Day Plan I Individualized Packages l  Hormone Reset l Eat your own food 


  • Pur life Medical 60-Day Weight Release System
  • Pur Scan Body Composition Analysis
  • Several Pur Life Medical Supplements
  • Personalized Before and After photos
  • Body Measurements
  • Pur Light Body Contouring & Sculpting
  • Meal Planning Help with Recipies
  • VAP Weight Loss IV Infusions
  • Membership Discounts to take advantage of other services
  • Anytime Phone and Email Support
  • PUR LIFE MEDICAL DNA Kit available to outline what to eat and what exercise to do for your body

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