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Vascular Access Plus Infusion Center brings you

PUR LIFE MEDICAL for your wellness!

Now you can receive IV Vitmain and Hydration Infusions as well as wellness services from Pur Life Medical all at our Infusion Center! We have over 15 IV infusions to combine with Pur Life Medical treatments to maximize your wellness! Take advantage of our PAIN CONSULTATION and not only receive a Pur Scan but a pain treatment during your consultation! Not sure where to start, schedule a WELLNESS CONSULTATION and our licensed professionals will get you started in the right direction for your overall wellness!


About Us

Vascular Access Plus has a state-of-the-art Infusion Center providing Hydration therapy to support your immune system, provide more energy, detoxification, weight loss and control pain. Our Infusion Center also provides treatments from Pur Life Medical that further support your health and wellness providing therapies for inflammation, pain, detoxification and weight loss. It can be difficult to know where to start! 

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SUNDAY: Join us for PAIN Sundays and we will apply your $100 Pain Consulation fee to your Pain package of choice.

MONDAY: Join us for WEIGHT LOSS MONDAYS! New specials each week!

TUESDAY: Join us for 1 on 1 consultation appointments for your wellness and receive a free one month membership!

WEDNESDAY: Join us for WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS and receive a free Menla Scan with your treatment of choice!

THURSDAY: Join us for 1 on 1 consultation appointments for your wellness and receive a free one month membership!

FRIDAY: Joins us for LADIES NIGHT and receive 10% off all services!

Our Services

Infusion Center


We have our own Infusion Center that focuses on hydration therapy for your overall wellness. Check out our packages by clicking Read More.

Pur Life Medical Services


We are Franchised with Pur Life Medical to bring our community wellness. 

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PUR Microcurrent

PUR Sound

PUR Scan

PUR Light